Yacht Crane 10

Vermeer Marine offers a range of harbour equipment like Yacht Cranes, Cradles and Frames.
The Yacht-Crane is specially designed to lift or lower pleasure yachts in and out of the water for repair works, winter storage or cleaning.
Instead of a hoisting winch, lifting takes place by means of a hydraulic internal cylinder extracting the hoisting cable over different sheaves.
This technique has proven it’s durability in elevators for many years.
It is a very save and controllable system that will reduce the cost for maintenance significantly.
The hydraulic lifting cylinder, cables and sheaves are all built in the crane mast resulting in a smooth looking crane.
The Yacht-Crane is electrically / hydraulically driven.
The boom can easily be lowered in a horizontal position for maintenance.

  • Designed and build with simplicity of use and service in mind
  • Lifting and flight adjustment takes place by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • Standard radio remote control and standard control panel
  • The whole crane can be lowered to the ground with ease for inspection and maintainance or where enviromental considerations apply


  • Tailor made solutions
  • Low manpower costs, easily operated by one person
  • No old-fashioned cable winch systems


  • 30% longer working life compared with a conventional electrically powered static crane
  • 70% less maintenance cost
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