Vermeer Marine offers a range of harbour equipment like yacht-Cranes, Cradles and Frames. The Vermeer Marine Yacht-Frames are specially designed for storage of pleasure yachts. The range Y-Frames are available in different sizes, handling loads up to 20 tons.
Upon request, Vermeer Marine can manufacture Y-Frames to customer requirements. The Y-Frames can carry a wide range of yachts because of the large vertical, horizontal and width adjustment. The height can be adjusted in two stages; large-toothed by means of pin- hole adjustment and fine by means of a spindle. The stabilisers are equipped with soft white rubber pads to achieve a safe support of the ship and to avoid damage to the ship.
A key feature of the Vermeer Y-Frames is the aibility to stack the frames up to 10 pieces. This safes a lot of space in the summer.
The design makes it possible to lift and transport the Y-Frames with a forklift. In combination with the Vermeer Marine Y-Transporter, the range of frames offers a total solution for transportation and storage of yachts.

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