Yacht Crane 20-30-40 FH

Vermeer Marine offers a range of boat handling equipment like Yacht Cranes, Cradles and Frames.
The Yacht-Crane is designed and build with simplicity of use and service in mind.
This crane dispenses with the conventional cable winch systems normaly employed on such cranes and replaces it with hydraulic cilinders.
Lifting takes place by means of 2 hydraulic cylinders extracting the cable over different sheaves.
This technique has proven it’s durability in elevators for many years together with it’s major advantage of low maintenance.

  • Designed and build with simplicity of use and service in mind
  • Lifting and flight adjustment takes place by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • The separate operation of the fore and aft sling to maintain the boat’s balance
  • Standard radio remote control


  • Tailor made solutions
  • Low manpower costs, easily operated by one person
  • No old-fashioned cable winch systems
  • The crane hooks can be simultaneously by means of four hydraulic cylinders lifted and lowered to achieve an evenly balanced keel situation
  • Sling adjustment


  • 30% longer working life compared with a conventional electrically powered static crane
  • 70% less maintenance cost
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