Yacht Transporter 30

Vermeer Marine offers a range of boat handling equipment like Yacht-Cranes,Transporters and Frames.
The Vermeer Marine Yacht-Transporters are available in three types, the YT-10, YT-20 and YT-30 with a lifting and transport capacity of 10, 20 or 30 tons. The Yacht-Transporter is deliverable with ebonite or pneumatic wheels with bogie construction for all kinds of terrain.
The primary qualities of the Yacht-Transporter are its robust, compact and low profile construction, the low level of maintenance required, the guarentied parallel movement of the four lift-cylinders and the outstanding manoeuvrability.
This manoeuvrability ensures that boats can be parked as close to each other as is physically possible making the very best of the exspensive storage space. The Yacht-Tansporter is towed by a light forklift or tracktor, which also provides the required oil pressure and volume for the steering and lift functions. Control of both steering and lift functions is via wired remote control.


  • Designed and build with simplicity of use and service in mind
  • Guaranteed parallel movement of the four lift cylinders
  • Standard wired remote control
  • Independent 2x2 wheel steering creating outstanding manoeuvrability


  • Tailor made solutions (size wize)
  • Low manpower costs, easily operated by one person
  • Very easy to operate with forklift or tractor
  • For all types of terrain by the use of ebonite or pneumatic wheels and bogie construction 


  • 30% longer working life
  • 70% less maintenance cost
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